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[13:10:50] 239488 :

I can't see any live stream?

[13:16:09] Guest[RohitGautam] :

Me neither !! Is it possible to watch this lecture outside of the country?

[13:21:05] Guest[Flemming] :

Enable flash player - click on the I (in a circle) in the address line before "viavideo.dk" - click on flash, permit website to use flash player and reload the page

[13:22:56] Guest[RohitGautam] :

Thank YOu

[13:34:45] s-than :

Alternative you can try to use another browser.

[13:36:01] s-than :

The entire lecture will be available as a video on this site, after the live video ends

[14:09:54] Guest[Camilla] :

ah now I can comment ;)

[14:10:13] Guest[Camilla] :

Do you see the employees' interaction online as a positive or negative thing in order to generate value capture

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